Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Greenwood Cemetery In Eustis, Florida

The town of Eustis in Florida dates back to the late 1800s and was named for Colonel Abraham Eustis.  The town unfortunately gained some notoriety in 1996 for the “Vampire Cult Killings.”  Richard and Ruth Wendorf were found bludgeoned to death in their home and the suspects were members of a vampire cult of teenagers who dressed in goth attire and drank each other’s blood.  Their daughter Heather belonged to the cult.  Teenager Rod Ferrell was the leader of the group and claimed that he would live forever.  He is spending his “immortality” in jail and rumor has it that iron bars are good for keeping pesky vampiric vermin at bay.
Greenwood Cemetery was founded in 1885 and lies on two tracts of land on either side of a two lane road outside of downtown Eustis.  Several of the headstones within date back to the founding of the city.
Unfortunately, this older stone did not fair well:
I found these really unique headstones that were made from wood, so any inscription was long gone.  I need to contact the sexton sometime when he is there to see if they have any information on these.  I’m interested to find out as well if the circle and diamond shapes have some kind of symbolic meaning.
There were several headstones that were hand written on what appears to be concrete:

Here are some other images from Greenwood Cemetery:

 Mary J. Phillips Allen was a nurse who served in the Army’s Nurse Corp during the Spanish American War:
And then there was the infant section.  I chose a few headstones with touching epitaphs to photograph:

And this is a touching tribute to a couple who are together again past the sunset:

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