For decades I have enjoyed the beauty and solitude of cemeteries. The living are respectful and quiet there and the dead are well…they are at peace…at least most of them are…or are they? So many stories in a graveyard. As they say, it is the dash between the birth date and the death date that matter. I want to know those stories. I want to know the history of how and why we remember those lost. What do the items we adorn head stones with mean? Every trip to a cemetery is a journey.

And who am I?  Hi, I’m Diane.  Not only am I a taphophile, but I am the former host of the award winning political internet radio show, The Freedom’s Wings Show, which has had over 100,000 downloads and continues to garner 500 to 1,000 downloads a week in archives.  I hosted that for five years until I became weary of politics.  Now I’ve moved my talents on to podcasting and sharing a passion for history and graveyards.  I love anything steampunk and I craft jewelry and accessories – like the goggles I’m sporting in the picture – with a steampunk theme.  I am currently writing my first young adult science fiction, speculative faction, fantasy novel set in a post-apocalyptic steampunk world.  I also am working on a non-fiction cemetery book.  And to maintain all of this, I run my own company!

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